Few updates, although not much is happening lately, as everything is going smoothly and uneventful.

Playing Eve Online less, although I am still undecided if I should cancel the accounts at the moment. Due to how the skill training works, I am keeping all three accounts active for now, with skills training. Issue is that I have done pretty much everything in the game, so there is not much left to keep me intrested.

Spending a fair amount of time in World of Warcraft, worked on getting Swift Flight Form, and full set of Epic Gear ready for the Wrath of the Lich King content being released soon. So I have been enjoying this alot recently.

I also started sketching again… I was just sketching a few days ago on a utility bill while waiting for a group to get started in World of Warcraft and remembered how I actually enjoyed randomly sketching. Not sure why I stopped, and ofcourse my sketches are rather rubbish, but its a enjoyable way to spend spare time relaxing I guess. Anyway, I thought it best to get a proper book to sketch in, rather than use scrap bits of paper that get shredded and thrown away. May post them in time online.

Piano lessons have also restarted after a small break during the summer holidays, so will update that page soon enough too. Oh, and I just added the EtoComments resource, so a post new comments system is availible on some pages now.

Oh… Random memory: The term “Nothing to report” is from a russian guard in the Tanker Section of Metal Gear Solid 2 who naps in a corridor, repeating the term over and over in his sleep as you have to sneak past.