God Damn Facebook

//God Damn Facebook

God Damn Facebook

It seems I have to register on facebook, as I started getting messages like “Oh, i don’t use MSN Messenger anymore, I use Facebook Messenger”… Which kind of shocked me, as I already have to run a number of messenger clients, although luckily Pidgin can handle most.

But I always find it annoying having to run so many to simply keep the option of speaking to people. So I go through my emails, and find I have an account from a year ago somehow…

Until now, I have always been a enemy of Facebook, finding it rather “Meh”… I much prefer to use this website as a personnel profile, than some other website outside my control… However, it seems to have redeemed itself the minute I logged in…

Not sure how I got to Groups, as I have lost the option now, but after filling out information, I was shown a “Wellsway Reunion Group” for my year of Secondary School, with 100 members… So Bugger… Facebook is useful it seems.

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