As my O2 Contract ended recently, I decided to end there £35 a month contract, and pick up a £20 a month contract from T-Mobile along with the new G1 Handset. Also known as the Google Phone, as its the first handset to have the Google Android operating system on it.

Very impressed with Android, and how my emails, contacts and calender from my google account are all pulled in, and synced with the phone. Having my phone alert me to new emails before my Gmail Notifier does on the desktop it quite cool.

So for anyone like myself who uses the Google services a fair amount will probably find the Andriod based phone better suited, even if compeditors like the iPhone may be more refined, have better design or more features. Basically, being able to turn the phone on, and providing my google account, and having access to all my emails, contacts and calender pulled from the web in a few seconds and thus the phone fully setup, was awesome.

Anyway, thats not the point of this post… What I wanted to discuss was another feature I have been playing with and wanted to show off… GPS Tracking that can be setup with the built in GPS. Allowing me to produce a “Ross Tracker” type page. Although I doubt I will leave it on often as it burns the battery, so its more of an example.