Regarding the launch of Apprentice Watchmaker. My Cousin, Nicholas D Cordy recently set up his own website to track his progress and news as he learns how to be a Watchmaker at the British School of Watchmaking.

There are a load of things he wants to do with the website, from providing news of his progress learning to be a watchmaker, allow family and friends to keep up to date, and I think he also pondered the idea of offering details or advise from his point of view about others wanting to go down a similar career path, or other ideas. Either way, its a new site, which has updates now and again, and as I did the initial setup, I should link it.

Some of the images, and work are pretty intresting though. I was informed for example that the photo of Project 20 down the page here, is actually x30 magnification. The size of the pivots being 0.23mm and 0.07mm… Which is just insane, but I guess required for fine craftmenship of watches. Working in Accounts, or IT myself, I never consider such things when I simply see and use my watch day to day.

As for the technical aspects, its running off the same open source CMS, and server as this website. Yes, the site may have a few bugs, and yes I am responsible for fixing them… Uh, Soon™.

EDIT: Links removed as website is down.