Having moved from my old home in Weston, to my new home in the centre of Bath… I am now settled! Surviving the downtime without Internet, I am back online, assets moved, living room tweaked, plush toys laid out, and all mailing lists updated.

There are a load of photos in a Photo Gallery created, but the flat overlooks most of the City of Bath so some of them are awesome. So not a bad for the view from the living room and kitchen and pretty much the reason I decided to rent this place as my new home.

My living room is split in two. A social section with sofas and tv. The other half being a couple of desks and my computer ofcourse. The internet is Be* Broadband, which was shockingly fast when I downloaded 1Gb in 10 Minutes, and suddenly relised I would need more Hard Drives.

The kitchen is a usual kitchen, but with nifty extraction fan thing which I have not had before. Bedroom has a large cuboard built into the wall which is handy. Bathroom is just like any other, with tiles and stuff.

Anyway, I really like my new home, so wanted to share.