As well as a bit of self control, and more awareness of my spending. Actually, I am not too effected by this so called recession either to be honest, I am just spending too much money, so something that allows me to manage my money better, and learn coding more is a good thing.

I have been feeling a little down lately, so this helps keep my mind busy too, but I digress. So the plan!

Create a website written in PHP to track my finances, and present the information in easy to read reports.

  • Web Based Application
  • Import Natwest CSV Files
  • Automatically Parse Data
  • Display Cash Flow Report
  • Display Outgoing Summary

So lets say once a month I log into my online banking website and download my credit card and current account statements as .csv files. Then I upload them into my app and it processes all of the months transactions.

Now when I view the information from my app, I will be able to see my outgoings by category easily. So I will quickly see how much money I spent on food, as it automatically adds together all of my cash withdraws, and supermarket transactions for example.

The end result will be that I can both easily see how well I am doing with my self control, and also be able to see my cash flow hopefully increase month after month as I start to save money.

Such information would be formatted in a way where I could quickly spot areas, or categories where I think I am spending too much and could save more money, by keeping things in perspective and allowing you too maintain seeing the bigger picture.

  1. Learn PHP Properly, Back to the basics to learn how to code well, and to a high standard.
  2. Design Specification, Decide on everything it should do.
  3. Write Application, Spend time working on writing the application.
  4. Profit, Enjoy the benefits of more controlled spending.

Granted, by the time I finish, this recession may be over but at least I will then have something I can use to quickly monitor my finances for the foreseeable future.