As I am not feeling down now, so back to my usual emotionless self. I wanted to share a few things that you can expect to see published soon on the site. As I have a number of artistic or creative projects on the go at present keeping me busy. From photo editing and sketching, to some php programming. (programming is art too)

One of these projects is a new poster I have been working on. Normally the images I create on the computer have a distinct amateur feel, or “MS Paint” look to them, so I spent some time with Photoshop working out how to do things professionally.

I actually had to make it look more amateur looking than what it was, so that the style will make people laugh and read what it was trying to promote.

To finish it, all I need is someone in Bath to spare a few minutes of there time to take a photo of me in a specific pose, and I can crop myself, past it in, tweak the layers in the image and job done.

Failing that, I will reluctantly do the “photo shoot” in the office at work… But walking through Bath with a Star Trek uniform is not something I would want to do too often.

I have also decided to try and pick up my sketching again, although I often get distracted… Its not great as its been a long time since I did this kind of thing, but still. I do love the architecture and culture around Kyoto.

Finally, the php stuff, which I mentioned in my last blog entry, so I won’t mention it in detail again. So yeah, I hope to have a few new things shared soon when I get them finished.