Another busy few days, I managed to find a little more time to continue work on that sketch I was working on, but I quickly got distracted by a awesome find…

A very helpful and awesome person called Alex has created a very large resource of video tutorials about PHP. He runs a YouTube page here, which basically has a massive collection of videos where he talks viewers through PHP one step at a time. Its been a useful resource for me, along side the large number of reference books I have.

Meanwhile, I also managed to get someone to visit at lunch, and take a large number of photos while I posed so that I could place my body over the top of another person… With a little tweaking, and a fair amount of photo editing this was the result.

I spent most of Saturday preparing for the evenings VC Academy course that I run twice a week. Its basically where I talk for just over 2 Hours, about the Combat Thoery of Eve Online, helping new players that join our cyberculture get over the Learning Cliff. I had not expected for it to be so popular, or get such good feedback, so at least I am doing some good, even if its just helping people enjoy there free time more.

Sunday I got taken out with my Grandad who took me to the “Living Cavalcade of Costume” event in the The Octagon at Milsom Street. The building interested me more than the costumes, although the people there made for an interesting day.

More interesting was also taking time to see “Art for Life 2009” event in Queen Square. There were some really good pieces of art on display and sale, but at the same time some poor pieces. Perhaps I am too critical though?

That did give me some inspiration actually, for something else I wanted to sketch. I would like to do something on the City of the Ancients from Final Fantasy 7, but no idea how yet.

Also, my Grandad insisted again that there is some “card” you can get if your a resident of Bath, so you don’t have to pay to go into some of the museums in Bath, but I have never ever heard of that from any paperwork from the council, or from others…

But, I opened up Google and did some SearchingSearchingSearchingSearchingSearching, and more Searching… Which lead to the Thermae Bath mentioning something called a Discovery Card they recommended people to use. So my final search, and I arrived at this page. How hidden away is that!

Finally, AAT have been pestering me about membership renewal as well. I can’t really afford to renew, and there is no need for me to do so as I am not working in the Accounts Industry at present, so apparently I can’t have my MAAT letters after my name in 4 weeks time I guess.

Think that’s all I can type for now, as I have some other paperwork to get sorted before the day is over.