This coming Friday, I will be leaving in the morning to catch a train to London, and then the Eurostar to Brussels. Can’t wait, as its been a while since I last had a holiday break.

Its for a Volition Cult Gathering in Antwerp, Belgium hosted by a few friends I know out there. I will only be there for 4 days, but it will no doubt be a great trip.

One thing I always like is the fact I get to travel to Europe via the Eurostar. If you think about what is involved… Its the idea that we built train lines under the English Channel. Its just some impressive engineering. It is not exactly expensive either… Booking in advance at the right time, I managed to pick up the return part of a Eurostar Ticket from Brussels to London for only £29.50 travelling back Monday evening.

As for what we are getting up to in Belgium… We have been promised a BBQ, Tour, and some Party’s so should be a busy weekend. There will no doubt be photo’s and videos posted soon after.