As I am going to Snowdonia, North Wales to walk up the mountain of Snowdon with Nick at the start of September. I have been making a number of techincal and not so technical preporations for the journey.

First of all, something I am clueless about… Footwear! As the only pair of shoes I have are my smart work shoes, I had to get a decent pair of boots and wear them in, to use for the walk. Thanks to the assistance of a friend in work, I was able to get myself a suitable pair, which are waterproof, and offer plenty of ankle support.

Secondly, I finally got round to testing my mobile phone’s gps tracking application. Using a program called “My Tracks” developed by Google for the Android platform, I can disable my phones wireless connections to save power, and then using gps record my position as I walk around.

The aim was to be able to generate a Google Map, showing the route taken. This lunchtime, I did a quick battery, and process test. Which generated the following Google Map.

The phone seemed to use about 15% power for an hours worth of position recording, so presuming I have 90% battery by the time I arrive at the bottom of Snowdon, I have about 7 hours maximum of tracking before my phones battery dies.

Ofcourse, if I am using my mobile for tracking, I will need another phone in case of emergencys, so I will either have to borrow one, or rely on Nicks mobile.