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Preparations for Snowdon

As I am going to Snowdonia, North Wales to walk up the mountain of Snowdon with Nick at the start of September. I have been making a number of techincal and not so technical preporations for the journey.

First of all, something I am clueless about… Footwear! As the only pair of shoes I have are my smart work shoes, I had to get a decent pair of boots and wear them in, to use for the walk. Thanks to the assistance of a friend in work, I was able to get myself a suitable pair, which are waterproof, and offer plenty of ankle support.

Secondly, I finally got round to testing my mobile phone’s gps tracking application. Using a program called “My Tracks” developed by Google for the Android platform, I can disable my phones wireless connections to save power, and then using gps record my position as I walk around.

The aim was to be able to generate a Google Map, showing the route taken. This lunchtime, I did a quick battery, and process test. Which generated the following Google Map.

The phone seemed to use about 15% power for an hours worth of position recording, so presuming I have 90% battery by the time I arrive at the bottom of Snowdon, I have about 7 hours maximum of tracking before my phones battery dies.

Ofcourse, if I am using my mobile for tracking, I will need another phone in case of emergencys, so I will either have to borrow one, or rely on Nicks mobile.

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  1. Sleepypete 10/08/2009 at 17:58

    Where’s the pic from you breaking them in ?
    15% battery in an hour seems a bit greedy. Is there a setting that has it doing fewer updates that might be easier on the battery ?

  2. Ross Stone 10/08/2009 at 23:19

    That picture is for the VOLT Forums only… Haha.
    Yeah, there is a setting like what you suggest. It was recording my position every 1 second, but I can drop that from anything between 1 second and 30 seconds.
    But that does not save much battery power, as the GPS Signal is running all the time, it saves the position on the memory card less frequently, which does not take too much power.
    I reckon if I drop it to every 10 seconds, it might reduce it to 10% every hour perhaps though, I shall have to test it later.

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