I am referring to the recent news that the UK Government is even considering the idea of forcing ISP’s to disconnect users for whatever reason. It seems that Lord Mandelson and the Labour Party who seem to be even considering this are a bunch of idiots.

Almost everything I do now revolves around the Internet… From my work, gaming, shopping, and most importantly furthering my education and knowledge.

The idea that a Government seeks to control what households have internet, and what households do not is wrong. Imagine what that would do to a family, let alone a geek like me.

Of course, if this were to happen, people like me know workarounds. Mwhaha! But those who would be most effected will probably be family households. Next they will want to censor internet sites or control bloggers when we want to express our one sided opinions on our sites.

Anyway, it seems my concerns are being addressed, as we now have a Pirate Party UK. While it won’t be able to do much directly, if people support that party, over others. I would hope mainstream party’s realise users concerns when they start losing votes to the Pirate Party UK, and start adopting some more sensible policy’s regarding the Internet.

Hopefully they will have someone in my area I can vote for in the next General Election.