I have just finished the sixth Volition Cult newsletter for the period September 2009. While there are probably many spelling and grammar errors that I may have to fix as people spot them, I have just uploaded the PDF file.

The original announcement was made on this website, but as I have put a fair amount of work into this months 45 Page newsletter, thought I should cross post here as well because I am proud of it.

It discusses the fact that the alliance, or our online community as I see it will be celebrating its 3 Year Anniversary this month, as well as sharing some history about it all.

Before I head to sleep, I am not sure I will have time to review all of the Slogan Competition answers today.

I have to sleep, work and then pack for the Snowdon trip, but in a few days I will have a look at all the submissions. There were about 30 ideas submitted in total via my form, email and comment.

Wish me luck in walking to the peak of Snowdon! Nick has decided we should take the Rhyd Ddu Path which will take about 6 miles to get to the peak and back and is about 8 miles to the peak and back.