Having worked through all of the submissions, I have decided on a winner. But before I announce the winner, I will list off a few of the other entrys, some of which made me laugh.

“Taking time out from masterminding domination of the spacelanes”
“Now without added MAAT”
“More useful than a Swiss Army Knife”

“Wholeheartedly Klingon”
“Sharing Culture”
“Now with Subtracted Chocolates”
“If your computer needs a tweak, I’m the geek you seek”
“Kicking doctors in the face since 1984”
“Because normal is boring”

But the was…

“I see dead pixels”

Which was submitted by Russ my old housemate. This should be on the website now. However, as I accidentally ate the choclates in the office, there may be a delay on shipping the chocolates to you. Uhh…