Having travelled to Manchester with Nick, I stayed in Manchester for most of the week in his very nice apartment. However on Friday 4th September 2009, we drove over to Snowdonia for our walk to the summit of Snowdon.

We arrived at Rhyd Ddu, and decided to use the Rhyd Ddu route as it would be quieter, as on the opposite side of Snowdon.

The walk itself is relatively easy going, as we managed to cover 11.15km in 3 Hours, 39 Minutes, as we travelled from Rhyd Ddu to Bwlch Main. However, cloud cover was quite low, and we quickly found ourselves in not so good conditions.

Although, I think this made it more enjoyable as it was much more of a challenge. I think if it had been a clear day, while we could have easily made it to the summit, it would not have been as enjoyable as it would have been less of a challenge.

As we started our final path across the narrow col at Bwlch Main to get to the summit of Snowdon, conditions further worsened. Visibility was very bad, there were very strong winds, and while it was not raining, water was sort of forming on us from walking in the cloud stuff.

We also had to remove our glasses, as condensation made them unusable. Luckily, we both can still see pretty well without glasses, but it is somewhat of an additional hindrance.

As we got to 973 Metres, (Snowdon Summit is 1085 Metres) we decided it was a little too unsafe for us amateurs to continue. As Nick had already lost his footing once due to the wind, and looking at a path getting more narrow, weather getting worse and path so close to a steep edge, we decided to head back and try again another day.

The photo above is how far we got, and what we faced when we decided to head back.

Click here for a video of how far we got, showing the strong winds… I was trying to say something about how we have decided to turn back, but you can’t hear due to the wind.

Click here for full photo gallery.

Click here for GPS Recorded Map using My Tracks on Android.

My Tracks statistics below:-
Total Time: 3:39:04
Distance: 11.15km
Maximum Elevation: 973m

AAR = After Action Report, its a term used in Eve Online for reports of battles or events after they have happened, so it seemed suitable.