For over a month, I have been busy with preparations for a large meeting in the UK to celebrate the third year anniversary of an online community I am part of.

As a result, I have been a little distracted as I spend my time double checking plans, and coordinating with everyone to make sure everyone’s travel arrangements are all set, and sorting out events that suit everyone’s different arrival and departure times… Somewhat of a nightmare really, but doable.

On Thursday, 1st October 2009 the plans will go into action as we mark the third year of The Volition Cult alliance that myself and Peter Hancock are hosting in Bath, UK. Members from all over Europe start arriving, some earlier than others to save money on travel. With some staying for a week, others the weekend and a few just a day they can spare.

From the current Itinerary, we have 23 Members who have confirmed travel details with me. I have over a week off work, so all is set for a great celebration.

Roll on Thursday!