In a similar fashion to last years successful christmas, I had hoped to set a budget on my Christmas spending based on how much excess cash I had availible and then use that divided into different tier’s as a means to budget the cost of christmas. However, due to some ever increasing costs of living, even after cancelling some Eve Online subscriptions, it turns out from my cash flow monitoring that there is no cash flow. lol? Below is the estimate for December 2009. I realise I will have to tweak that.

So this year we only have two tier’s and a new application process… Tier 0 – Infinate Members If your application as a Tier 0 friend or family is successful you will get an seasonal themed email from myself wishing you a Happy Christas and pleasent New Year. The email may even contain seasonal images for your enjoyment. Tier 1 – 15 MembersIf your application as a Tier 1 friend or family is successful you will one of 15 availible Christmas Cards. These will be given to you in person in most cases and be hand written by Ross Stone. To apply as a Tier 0 or Tier 1 friend or family all you have to do is fill out the below Application Form. Click Here for Application Form (Link Removed) While I object to anyone buying me seasonal gifts, for family members that are instantant, please consider the following things that I am in need of:

  • Black trousers suitable for work (FYI: Waist 32in, Inside Leg 33in)
  • Shirts suitable for work (FYI: 16in Neck, Easy Iron!)

I don’t think there is anything else I need. Comments welcome below, but require moderator approval for people not registered on the site.