Doctor Who at Cardiff Bay

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Doctor Who at Cardiff Bay

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking a break from work to head to Cardiff to celebrate a friends Birthday.

There were a few noteworthy events…

First of all, I managed to see two films, both of which were really enjoyable. 2012 was suitably enjoyable being a pretty standard action film. Then there was Paranormal Activity. Now I don’t normally do horror at all. I have yet to get more than a few hours in to Doom 3 or Fear games as they scare the crap out of me, and I don’t normally watch horror films at all…

Paranormal Activity is actually a really impressive film, and a must see but its wierd. Part of me is thankful for being able to see such a brilliantly created film, but another part of me wishes I never saw it, as silly as it sounds…

I am slowly getting it out of system, but when I remember freaky parts of it all of a sudden it still makes me shiver a little. Blood, death, gore don’t phase me, but “unknowns” like in that film are just not my thing. lol. Credit to the film creators for a immersive film though.

Secondly, I got to finally see Cardiff Bay where they film Touchwood and some Doctor Who episodes. Not only that, they have a exhibition in Cardiff Bay for Doctor Who stuff… At first, I thought it was going to be a little tacky, but it actually turned out to be fairly cool as they have lots of these nifty things that make me go “Ooooohhhh” and remind me of how much of a geek I am being impressed by a David Tennant suit on display, or seeing the doctors diary from Human Nature / Family of Blood episodes.


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  1. Bella 23/12/2009 at 08:41

    I am glad to hear you are having some fun at last. I guess you finish work any day now, so I wish you a good Christmas. If I remember, I’ll send you that tree thing too. In the new year maybe, assuming I get my act into gear!

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