Having worked myself to death I decided to take a week break to relax and do something to take my mind off work. I decided to play Eve Online and using all my accounts make the last amount of Isk for the Nyx I had always wanted.

I have been working towards a Nyx for five years on and off, making slow but sure progress. I reactivated my accounts for my week of Isk making and started Ice Mining.

Relaxing to music, just 4 hours in, I had already made 220mil Isk, so was confident that after a week, I will be much closer to the 17bil needed for a Nyx.

Suddenly, all my clients froze when a battleship warped in to smartbomb me and when they started responding 5 minutes later I was dead. Fiddlesticks!

With 6 Mackinaw’s down and 6 Pod’s with various Implants I would estimate the losses to amount to about 1,500mil Isk.

Not normally a problem, as I am not exactly short on Isk or Assets but it does one shot my enthusiasm for Eve Online and my Nyx Project.

Bad start to my holiday.