Epic failing

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Epic failing

Having worked myself to death I decided to take a week break to relax and do something to take my mind off work. I decided to play Eve Online and using all my accounts make the last amount of Isk for the Nyx I had always wanted.

I have been working towards a Nyx for five years on and off, making slow but sure progress. I reactivated my accounts for my week of Isk making and started Ice Mining.

Relaxing to music, just 4 hours in, I had already made 220mil Isk, so was confident that after a week, I will be much closer to the 17bil needed for a Nyx.

Suddenly, all my clients froze when a battleship warped in to smartbomb me and when they started responding 5 minutes later I was dead. Fiddlesticks!

With 6 Mackinaw’s down and 6 Pod’s with various Implants I would estimate the losses to amount to about 1,500mil Isk.

Not normally a problem, as I am not exactly short on Isk or Assets but it does one shot my enthusiasm for Eve Online and my Nyx Project.

Bad start to my holiday.

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Ross Stone is an experienced and passionate IT Professional with exceptional knowledge of various technologies including Active Directory, Application Virtualization, System Centre Configuration Manager, Citrix XenApp and VMware vSphere.


  1. Bella Gingell 24/01/2010 at 15:06

    Ross, there would have been a time when your story would make me wonder why something like losing a game would be so bad. However, knowing how a good comment on my Flickr page can send my into a good day, I realise how cyber-stuff can get us. At least you are here to fight another day!

  2. DraLaFi 27/01/2010 at 13:16

    Hey m8
    Sorry to see and hear about this…
    Hope you enjoy your hollidays with something else then like
    Star Trek Online I had the nice chance of playing the open Bata
    And its pretty good considering its a license game, some blame it to be WoW in space
    well yerr, it lacks the pvp side, even wow pvp is prolly more consistent considering
    you have PvP only servers in WoW, but this might also come for STO (i sure hope for the games sake) PvP is afterall what a MMORPG is all about imo ;)
    They do have PvP but they confined to “arena”-style areas…
    Also Mass Effect 2 is out and I’m getting my copy tomorrow o/
    Fly safe

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