Having worked hard, created a brilliantly designed infrastructure for the company, patched thousands of security holes, working until the early hours of mornings. Its now the end of January 2010 when I see it paying off.

*crunches the numbers*

Hmm. It seems the myth of “working hard pays off” is a lie.

In January, I have an extra £70! Woot!

However, during my week off I had to renew my contract for my flat. So rent was increased by £50 per month. Inflation is expected, so taking that off, means I am getting an extra £20 per month. Not so Woot!

Provided my electric, council tax and food costs don’t increase its fine… Cue the Picard Facepalm!

But to cheer myself up as I progress backwards in life and for comedy… I just remembered the Still Alive song. :D