Many years ago I used to have a Playstation, with X-Com: Terror from the Deep, and while it was the most ridiculously hard game I had played and took an age to load on the PSX, it was certainly fun. Always loved the music and atmosphere of the battles.

Steam in there wisdom published the entire X-Com series recently which was not special by itself, but they also did a special weekend offer of all of them for just £2. Not only that, they released it with a dos emulator so it worked straight out of steam on my 64bit Windows 7.

Damn, it felt good to get back into it and enjoy it again. I know the bugs now, but I still ran into a few with the good old research tree, but that does not matter really. The screenshot here is not scaled down to give you an idea of how old school the graphics were back then.

Its a totally awesome game, and if anyone has spare time and money to burn I would definitely recommend it. Its got a hard learning curve though, and takes a good few games to understand what to do and how to do it. Expect high casualties, lol.

Next is the new thing… Google recently launched Google Buzz. At first when I was reading the blog I was not overly impressed by what it could be capable of, as its nothing overly new or revolutionary.

It does however do what it sets out very nicely indeed. I can certainly understand how it will make social networking easier and more pleasant. For example, the issue I have with Facebook is its 100% confusing as hell and keeps changing, so you never really know who can see what, or what is public and what’s not.

Google Buzz sits inside Gmail, so its not confusing as it looks and works like you expect. Its also much more clear as to what is public and what’s not. It actually reminds me a little of the Google Reader interface. The only thing I don’t get at present is how content is pulled from other sources and displayed into Buzz yet, but that’s trial and error.

Either way, its a new shiny thing for me to play with, which is always welcome! :D