Over the last few months I have been working fairly irregular hours, and after a week off work too, my sleep pattern got completely messed and out of sync. So for many days in a row, I was waking up in the middle of the night, or spending ages falling asleep and in general being pretty exhausted.

However, I stumbled on a solution to fix this insomnia… Rather than try and head to sleep earlier, wake up later to catch up on sleep. I went to bed later (past midnight), while waking up earlier. The effect sorted my sleep, so I started falling asleep in minutes, and getting decent sleep again. Just thought it was interesting solution, although I still want to get a sleep phase alarm clock sometime.

Today is also Singles Awareness Day, amusingly short for “SAD”. Others may know this as Valentine’s Day?

Normally this time passes without me realising, however this time I read something I wanted to test and make use of if true. According to Lifehacker, chocolate is cheapest to buy after February 15th. As I am a fan of snacking on chocolate I like the idea of exploiting this. We shall see if stores have offers in a few days to get rid of stock I guess. Genius theory none the less though.

I don’t think I will see a difference in the price of my favourite Giant Chocolate Buttons though and Sainsbury’s have not put them on special offer for ages now. :(

Oh, people who know me will be expecting something like this so enjoy…

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My computer is silver
And I love it more than you.

That photo is actually the case I use, although its misleadingly… Its much larger and heavier in reality than what it appears there. The case alone is 18kg so quite a pain to move. There is also an important “blue glow” that comes out from the front.

Actually, Anubis is getting on a little these days and showing signs of old age. It only has a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core 3800+ 2.01Ghz with 2GB Memory. Many years ago, when I spent over £1500 specing out this duel screen machine for running multiple Eve Online clients it was top of the line.

These days we have computers in work with more power. :- That ain’t right. I need a Baldrick style cunning plan…