Having had a rather bad week a while back, this week has been rather good.

Spending Lots of Money

It first of all started with me spending 6 Billion Isk on some capital ships for myself. Its quite fun spending that volume of Isk, and losing capitals is great fun as its always in a epic fight.

Old Example: http://www.eve-volt.net/kb/?a=kill_related&kll_id=2075
(Results of 3 Hotdrops… Outbreak then VOLT then Outbreak)

I still tease about Dr FairosMakani losing my Carrier after being in VOLT for only two days, heh…

As I was preparing, my logistics was hampered by some pirates camping the system I was hauling to. Mark Of Chaos and Gatlin penguins corporations were messing about at gates and stations, but its easy enough to avoid them in Low Sec so I still got the job done within a few hours.

So now I have a couple of Dreadnoughts and a couple of Carriers… Guaranteed Epic Fights!

Hot Drop

Mark Of Chaos and Gatlin penguins corporations had been causing problems for a while, and had even deployed there own capital ships now and again, but keeping them within Docking Range. (They shoot us, but if we out number them, they dock in Station kind of stuff)

As there had been a lot of activity from those two corporations, our CEO, PBA lunax ordered all Dreadnought and Carrier pilots to form up in a system. The objective was to get a enemy Capital Ship to undock and get aggression. This means the pilot has a 60 second aggression countdown where they can not dock. We then jump in our Capitals and kill it within the 60 second window.

Alas, not much happened, the Pirates were useless, and decided to remain docked or simply not aggress when using there Capitals for fear of losing them.

War Dec

On the 21st February, as we were roaming near Insmother looking for Russians to kill in null security space, we got two notifications…

“Gatlin penguins Declares War Against The Volition Cult
Sent: 2010.02.21 20:10

Gatlin penguins has declared war on The Volition Cult. Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.”

“Mark Of Chaos Declares War Against The Volition Cult
Sent: 2010.02.21 20:13

Mark Of Chaos has declared war on The Volition Cult. Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.”

“Awesome!” or “Cool!” we all cheered on Ventrillo as people got excited at the prospect of another empire war. (They tend to keep things intresting, and shake things up now and again.)

So we got some new standing orders and some lenghty instructions on rules of engagement, finished our op, jump cloned to empire and stated preporations.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

After that our war targets refused to undock. :( No kills, losses or fights since then.

Ohh, a Legion…

So our fleet formed up, and we decided to take a roam through low security space. As we landed on a outbound gate in Amamake, a Legion appeared 20km off the gate.

Wait? For real? This is bait?

Pop: http://www.eve-volt.net/kb/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=6966

As we grab the loot, a large fleet of Battleships and even a Dreadnought show up, so the order to jump is quickly given, as we move elsewhere. Was a nice treat though.

Tackled Carriers spawn Russians

Next we head home to Insmother, where we hear reports that High Treason Alliance have a Carrier on a gate being attacked by some Russians. After our Volition Cult fleet travelled 10 jumps to arrive, switch fleets, and undock ready to engage, the Carrier died.

However not before we killed a few of them at the Station.

We docked up and began chatting as it was getting late when we heard a second High Treason Alliance Carrier had been tackled and was being killed by Russians next door.

We quickly formed up and waiting for everyone to undock and then ordered the fleet to warp to the gate and jump on contact. On the other side, the fleet engaged warped to the Carrier pilot who had now lost all his shields, all of his armour, and now down to only 10% structure. With a large plume of fire now bursting from his ship, and no capacitor remaining for him to self repair the damage we arrive on grid.

Our fleet is ordered to remote repair the armour damage, and start engaging the tacklers who have the Carrier warp scrambled. Slowly our fleet start taking heavy losses, but the Carrier now has 80% of his Armour repaired.

Further allies arrive in system and warp in, as the Carrier finds himself no longer warp scrambled and activates warp to the safety of a local control tower. Meanwhile, our fleet finishes up and secures the russians leave system.

Combat log: http://www.eve-volt.net/kb/?a=kill_related&kll_id=6973

Moral of story? Capitals spawn epic fights.