As some will know, I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series ever since I experianced my first Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy VII on the original playstation many years ago. So when the next game in the series was released I was excited.

On an related note, I even have my own mini shrine almost to Final Fantasy VII, with an original boxed copy, various models and figures, piano sheet music, and moogle plush toy.

Back to the new Final Fantasy game though. On March 9th 2010, Square Enix finally released the next game in the series… Final Fantasy XIII! Which I managed to pick on on the day of launch for the PS3.

Having waited for three years for Square Enix to release this game, its great to finally get my hands on it, and its given me a month of enjoyment so far, and will probably give me another few months yet working on side quests.

As of about an hour ago, I completed Final Fantasy XIII! It took a mere 57 Hours, although I have skipped a lot of content as I have loads of missions left and only 47% of the trophies availible.

Not bad going really, considering the insane work hours I was doing at the time…

Work Finale

As the five months of work building replacement IT infrastructure for all of the systems used by Art Loss Register and The Equipment Register finally come together, pressure builds as deadlines loom.

With over a dozen new servers, new virtulzation infrastructure, new data line, new ip phones, new vpn tunnels, new backup and continuety systems, and making use of some new cloud computing there is a lot going on in my head.

Meanhile the Art Loss Register sent staff to the TEFAF event in Maastricht. So I had to do technical support for those staff at the same time. Normally not an issue but with everything else, a nightmare.

Anyway, as for the switch over day… everything worked! There were a few bugs and a few tweaks to be done but over the next week the security and performance increase is staggering from my perspective. Detail on that will be in another blog post though.

I shall finish with the “The End” image of Final Fantasy XIII that I waited three years to see. As not only have I completed Final Fantasy XIII, but I also completed IT Infrastructure Migration in work! Woohoo!