Been a busy few months, so not really had time to blog much however this weekend I did manage to climb to the peak of Snowdon. This time there was eight of us, including myself and Nick, but also a few of his friends from college and a couple of our friends from the Volition Cult community. So we headed up to Manchester on Friday Afternoon, with the plan of heading over to Snowdonia Saturday.

Saturday morning around 8am we headed out in a couple of cars towards the small village of Rhyd Ddu. Its on the opposite side of Snowdon, so less busy and the drive across the north of wales to get there is also quite picturesque. Having arrived in Rhyd Ddu, we suited up and headed off.

It was much clearer than last time I went, and when we were on the ridge towards the end of the walk the wind was minimal so it was safe enough for us to walk along. Having all the proper equipment was a help too, and a decent pair of boots is a must. My Tracks (Android App) said it took us 2:51 Hours to get to the peak, but we were only moving for 1:40 Hours, so it includes us taking photos, breaks and messing about at the peak.

We were going to head back the same way, and those who were tired were going to catch the train down, but with a two hour wait and tickets costing £18 they decided they could also walk back. We made the choice to go back an easier route and figure out how to get to the cars from the bottom, so we headed down the Snowdon Ranger Path.

However, when we got to the bottom we thought it may be quicker to head along another rough trail… Not really a trail at all, but as the weather remained good, we basically decided to walk back over to where we started. My Tracks showed us taking 2:58 Hours to get back with moving time of 2:07 Hours, so much faster speed although longer distance and “unusual route”.

I have also posted a Video Here.