As today is the 27th May 2010 I am now 26 years old. As a result a few friends have already paid visits over the past few weekends and I have set some plans for the evening too.

As things seem to happen on the weekends, I had to think of something to do on Thursday evening, so I organised a PvP Op in Eve Online, so will be concentrating FC’ing that. So I plan to take a fleet out and have some fun, hopefully get some kills but probably get slaughtered. Its all good.

Spent one weekend few weeks back watching a few films at the cinema as one of my friends kindly took me to see Iron Man 2 as well as a few other films as a early birthday present. Iron Man 2 is a good film, but my view is bias. Become a bit of a fan of Robert Downey Jr. actually, so will probably work through seeing other filmed he has done sometime.

Then worked my way through Mass Effect 2 finally. Got recommended to play through it a few months back, but never found the time until last weekend my ISP broke something and I had no Internet for a few days so played through Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 1 was actually really enjoyable when you get into it. At first appearance I had thought it looked a bit rubbish, but its the story and depth that pulls you in. Mass Effect 2 is more of the same. Tali’Zorah is a romance option! Mordin giving scientific relationship advise with an alien species is hilarious.

Favourite Mass Effect 2 Moment:
Favourite Mass Effect 1 Moment:

Anyway, I digress… Last weekend another friend came over for some gaming, mostly Borderlands.

He brought me a Birthday present too though, one of the coolest things ever and one that will be tough to beat. Look to the right, awesome eh? That’s all for now…