Having finally decided to stop being lazy with my website, I took Rhin’s advise and went over to the WordPress website to have a look at what there CMS offers in the hope it might make blogging more enjoyable for me again.

Even for the non-technical people who don’t have there own servers, I can see why they create and blog on wordpress.com now if its the same software. Then again, I have not used Blogger for perhaps five years, so maybe Blogger is similar too now?

Anyway, the issue I had was that with Drupal, whenever I wanted to do some rich text editing or including of images or videos in my posts it would not really work with the theme so I would have to upload images manually and then link them in image tags. :-

Furthermore, I must have had 20 or so modules or addons installed so that I could do everything I wanted to do with Drupal, which made things overly complicated. Not to mention the annoying update procedures, and annoying cron that did not work. The website was barely working, so about time I started fresh with something easier.

So far, I have been very pleased with WordPress. The native image, video, gallery and rich text formatting support has been great and the default theme is good enough for me. Actually, the image support is epic, some of the best I have ever seen…

Browsing Android Market, I also noticed that there is a WordPress App! Quite frankly, its perfectly done too, spot on what I wanted. There website is here, but basically I can moderate comments, take photos and blog about them all from the handset.

As I am hoping to get the Nexus One later this month, I think I shall enjoy this change. Well, Nexus One or HTC Desire… Its a tough call, but I think I am getting to a choice by the time my contract ends and I can upgrade. Only 12 days to go!