Almost everyone I know is watching the tournament this weekend, and I have to admit while I don’t pay too much attention when it comes around… This time is certainly organised and done really well.

The way its streamed over the internet in various qualities at no extra cost to the viewers, from high definition to lower qualities for people with slower internet is quite professional. Not only that, but they even got into the habit of uploading each match onto YouTube in high quality a day after.

Its unlike anything else really, and to think players from all over the world come together to play against each other, regardless of time zones is quite professional considering its just a game.

Commentators have been good this year too, even having a little fun. Like in between a few games, taking time to commentate on some completely random stuff for lols. Video below…

What? You guys thought I was talking about the World Cup? Pfft, no one watches that crap these days, its like a hundred years old now. For those who don’t know Eve Online, first of all, where have you been living? Secondly, Jita 4-4 is the main trade hub in Eve Online with an average of 1000 players coming and going with trade goods to buy or sell.

The actual tournament itself looks something like this: Link to Random Match

Anyway, as this weekend is the finals… Best get back to it.