Its been annoyingly hot lately at work. Our office lacks air conditioning so its been a nightmare, and even my poor servers are starting to feel the strain. Had to shut one Aeon on Monday morning to give it a well deserved break. Nyx and Hel picked up the slack to let it cool down for a day. (Ah, the power of virtualization!)

Temperatures at home in my flat have been very cool though. Lifehacker had a load of useful posts on how to survive the heat lately and one of them worked well for me. During the day, you keep the curtains and windows closed to keep the hot air out, while during the night you open all of your windows and let the cool air in.

However I have taken this a step further, as I am on the top floor of my building there is plenty of cool air and wind in the evening but sometimes the wind stops, so I had to rig a way to keep the cool air pumping in so enough cool air is in to last the whole day.

During the night I rig a fan up as shown in the picture, when the sun has set and air outside is cooler. I recommend people give it a try, works well for me.

The chairs actually were not stable, so I did move my coffee table next to them to hold them in place so my fan would not fall out of the window, as it would have been a very noisy four story drop! Not sure this is rain proof either…