Just a quick note, to mention that today is the 11th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day! Yes, its a real thing with a website here. As a result, I brought an assortment of cakes into the office… Not quite the right way round as they are meant to bring cakes in for me but never mind.

In the spirit of today, to the right is some of my creativity. I finished patching for an office move so this is some of my work art.

Awesome eh? What we have here is carefully crafted purple and orange ethernet cables that alternate between colours, while at the same time fitting tightly within the cabinet so it can be locked up and keep out of sight.

Spent the rest of the day tweaking servers, applying patches, fixing a few random day to day system problems and seeing some server migration work being completed by developers. That last one will make a 90% saving on website running costs while at the same time greatly improving security and performance, but where the cost of investment is recouped in just a month.

Just the usual stuff as I remain hidden in the back of an office typing away… However, its now the weekend so time to go help my cousin move to his new apartment and try and complete the Starcraft II campaign.

Starcraft II is not to bad, although I suspect I may get bored of it quickly. What I am really looking forward to is Diablo III but that’s miles of. I guess Eve Online can fill the gaps.

Finally, I wanted to spread word about a new program the BBC are currently airing called Sherlock. Its not bad at all, so worth the time to watch while I wait for the next season of Doctor Who next year.