So I have had my Nexus One for a few months now and I have to admit… I am even more impressed with Android now. Migrating from one Android phone to another was brilliant…

  1. Turn off old T-Mobile G1 Handset
  2. Turn on new Nexus One Handset
  3. Provide Google Account details

That’s it, all my contacts are downloaded near instantly, email synced, calendar synced and what surprised me was that some phone settings were retained. Nexus One even knew what time I had set my alarms for example.

Furthermore, I could provide my Facebook credentials and my work Google Apps credentials and all three accounts are brought into the phones one contacts list, but names get merged just on the handset, consolidating things on the phone neatly but keeping things separate in the cloud still.

Wireless Tethering also works well. My main concern was that Vodafone would use proxys or port blocking that would prevent me from running many of the applications I would need. However I can share wireless internet to my laptop and run Citrix ICA Sessions and Eve Online over the mobile connection perfectly out of the box.

After a few weeks I had refined the battery usage so get 2-3 days worth of use although as long as it lasts one day its fine. I am rarely away from a power supply longer than a day. WaveSecure seems to have kept my lifetime account valid too which was nice and it does not seem to impact battery either.

Finally, I recently got hold of WireGoggles off the Android Market. Some photos are below, its quite interesting and kept my interest for a while so worth the £0.60. I may purchase Vignette camera application at some point though, perhaps before I go to Denmark in September.