I have just created a few new sections to the website to try and make myself some money so I can afford to replace the ageing Anubis (shown in the two images). They are in the menu above called “IT Services” and “For Sale” of which both are pretty self explanatory.

The issue I am finding is that some of the new games I wish to enjoy I always have to run on moderate graphics settings because of the bottlenecks present in the system. Not unexpected as my computer is now five years old, although it is annoying how a machine I spent nearly £2000 on is now worth just a few hundred… Damn computer industry, moving so fast!

IT Services” section I added will probably remain up forever though, as in time I would like it to be a useful resource for what I can do for friends and family and also as a place for people to leave feedback perhaps to reassure others seeking help? Comments have been turns on for that purpose anyway.

Now I just need to some how find £1250 for a new computer… I have already made a number of cuts in my spending to increase my expendable income but its tough because Bath is so expensive to live in and prices for everything seem to increase all the time.

As my income remains static or increases at a slower rate than that of the cost of living I have to supplement my income. Its just a bit of a pain, as I have to work harder but not actually become better off as a result. Guess that’s life as usual then.