For those of you that have visited and taken note of the local wildlife that lives in the roof of the building next to my kitchen window. Those birds are still present and I finally managed to get a photo of a couple of them without them disappearing when I wonder off to fetch a camera…

At the time I was actually moving furniture, taking a couple of desks apart and doing a general spring clean so left my phone on the window seal. The idea was to make my living room more efficient you see, fixing the problem of where to leave drinks and snacks when I am watching films and also the height of my computer monitors.

Until now they had always been on a raised shelf on the desk so you look up at them which was never good for posture. As I had just submitted my order for a new computer over the weekend, I thought it best to start work on ensuring that the environment it will live in will be suitable. More on that another time.

In any case, below is the photo taken before I spooked the birds to fly off. Its funny because they won’t go into the hole when I am stood near the window, they pretend to be just sitting there randomly waiting for me to go away before jumping in.