Having got back to the office after a two week holiday, I am pleased to report that no one decided to break anything and all of my (technically my employers) lovely configured servers are still functioning as intended.

Just spent the time relaxing, sleeping and not doing much of anything. Although I did see my first few 3D films though at the cinema, which was an interesting but I was not overly impressed by it all. The 3D effect is nice, but as the flat screen is large and far away I suspect the effect is lost a little. Get the feeling it might look better on a PC, but needing to use special glasses is a pain in the rear.

During the end of my break, headed out to Nick’s and managed to watch Avatar. Its an average film with nice effects but kept me entertained for a few hours I guess. Cheesy ending though, I would have hoped it would have ended the opposite way to what it did as that would have made it interesting.

Apart from that, not much of interest although I did start watching season one of White Collar which had a surprise for me in episode five as it mentioned my employer. Although they said “Art Loss Registry” rather than “Art Loss Register” but it was still a “wait what?!?” moment. I did try to share a 20 second video clip of this on YouTube, but Google knew it was copyrighted so blocked it. So while I can’t add a YouTube video here, I can just link the video file directly instead.

Download Link: ALR in White Collar S01E05 (14Mb)

Also installed CyanogenMod 6 during my break, but more on that later.