As I am leaving for Denmark in under a week I have been working on getting decent camera software on my mobile.

First job was getting a decent video recorder, and it seems because I installed CyanogenMod 6 on my phone, my Nexus One is now capible of recording video at 720p which was a nice side effect so that should be fine for the Volition Cult meet in Denmark next weekend.

Having tried a few camera appliactions, I have come to like Camera 360 for now though. One of the things I have been testing is the HDR Simulation, which seems to be best suited for landscape photos, or photos of open scenery where stuff is far away.

Example 1: Original (Left) / HDR (Right)

The test images I took, are not quite perfect. They do need a little more cleaning up perhaps as the effect is a little to harsh but Camera 360 can also save the original photo before processing so you have the source photo if needed.

Example 2: Original (Left) / HDR (Right)

Not something I would use for taking photos of people drinking at the meetup, but for taking shots of the landscapes, it might be artistic and interesting. I need to test the other camera modes later and find one that’s good at capturing people.