Since getting back from the Denmark meet up to celebrate The Volition Cult alliances four year anniversary, my new computer ordered from Scan was delivered. Those guys are busy as there was a 45 day wait. Worth it though, as the new 3XS machine is very nice. The old 3XS machine has been sold, the spare computer is also gone, as is my old mobile so I have deleted the “For Sale” section of the website.

Using this new computer, I have started working on creating a digital version of the Volition Cult Academy, which focuses on training or supporting new players to Eve Online, helping people better understand the theory and mechanics of the game in relation to player vs player game play. Example below.

I am actually really enjoying creating these videos and its quite rewarding seeing the feedback and comments of people actually finding this sort of thing useful. I have done quite a few so far…

101 – Introduction to the Volition Cult Academy
102 – User Interface including Overview Settings Part 1
102 – User Interface including Overview Settings Part 2
103 – Attributes, Skills and Clones – Part 1
103 – Attributes, Skills and Clones – Part 2
104 – Introduction to Ship Classes – Part 1
104 – Introduction to Ship Classes – Part 2
104 – Introduction to Ship Classes – Part 3
105 – Basic Ship Fittings – Part 1
105 – Basic Ship Fittings – Part 2
106 – Tanking

Currently to cover everything I would like to cover, I would estimate that in the end that you can expect to see around 60 videos, around 14 hours of content as I have plans to continue onto more advanced topics in the future. So if you want to be notified of when I add new videos, the easiest way is to probably subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Members of Volition Cult can also take a number of exams I have created that if passed, get you rewarded with in game medals. Its all very geeky! You require 100% to pass, and most of the questions are free text so its tough. To date, I have marked around 50 submissions, with a 94% pass rate so the academy is doing well. Its worth mentioning that Eve Online is a complicated game.

One unrelated final thing I wanted to mention briefly was that I will start using Picasa Web Albums as a online backup tool. So photos of the Denmark meet up will eventually be posted up there with everything else. Some will be public, some will be private, but for $5 a year for 20 GB of storage, its not a bad place to store a backup really.