Over the past few weeks I have been pretty distracted by a new game called Minecraft. Still in development so it has its bugs, but for 10 euros its good value for money considering how much time I have enjoyed it.

Within the game you basically have this massive randomly generated world that has no boundary’s and allows you to mine resources and build whatever you can imagine. Sounds good, but you also have some great “redstone” mechanics to makes things complicated too.

Various objects you can craft can generate or receive power via redstone and this allows you to create anything from simple switches to open doors to computational machines capable of performing mathematics.


We run a private multiplayer server where a few of us from the Volition Cult community create things on a single world, below are some of the things we have created so far. (Click images for descriptions.)

I have to get back to playing Eve tomorrow though as I have neglected her. But its hard as I just don’t have the time to play all the games I need to play. With the new World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion coming soon, new Assassins Creed and Call of Duty games due really soon its really tough to keep up with everything.

Even with these problems, its still been a great weekend as I got to enjoy more Krusty Kreme donuts. One of my work colleague from our London office came to Bath. Normally this is bad as they tend to bring me work to do, but this time I was bribed with Krusty Kreme donuts! Technically as I get paid to manage IT, that includes helping users anyway but sugar brides work too.

I have noticed that some of my colleagues in Bath have started to learn that if they offer to make me hot chocolate, I prioritise there requests over others… I fall for that “trap” every time it seems.

Anyway… Merlin has finally appeared on iPlayer so that’s all for now.

/me is afk.