So this morning I received a letter from Her Majesty’s Courts Service because my name is on the electorial register. Apparently I have been selected for jury service in January 2011 in Bristol Crown Court which by itself is quite a pain to travel to for someone who dos not drive. However as I read the paperwork, I came to the following conclusion.

Presuming a court case lasts two weeks, my employer is legally required to give me that time off work unpaid, so I would lose about £850 (gross) income in that month. Plus £68 for train travel to Bristol gets the total to £918…

However the maximum reimbursement I can request for the two week period is £650 (gross) which means I would be out of pocket by £268.

Considering how I have very little expendable income, this is an absurd request. It makes me wonder, how do they get any working person to agree to do it when its so expensive?

Furthermore, I am the only IT employee for the Art Loss Register and Equipment Register so if I was stuck in court, what would those businesses do for day to day IT demands? Even when I take holidays I get emails and calls for things that need to be done as soon as possible.

As a result, I have requested exemption. Just as well, as the government don’t seem to understand how inappropriate my personality is for jury duty. lol.