Finished jury service early as they had to many jurors it seems? Arrived on Tuesday to a rather posh building with airport like security and got shown up to the jury waiting area where I signed in and proceeded to wait for things to be explained. After 2 hours of waiting we all got shown an introduction to jury service video and explained how the system works and what we have to do. Then came more waiting. After a few more hours, names were picked at random for cases and a few people got dragged away but I remained in the waiting area… Eventually it was 4pm and we got sent home.

This basically continued until they eventually decided that they had to many jurors and some of us got let off a week early. So after all of that, I never even got to see inside a courtroom and all I really learned was that the food served in the canteen in Bristol Crown Court is terrible, a rip off and the staff being quite grumpy! So always go out for lunch! In contrast the Subway just down the road were the usual bright and helpful selves. :D But that week had to be the most boring and unproductive week in my entire life.