As there is only a few weeks left before I start the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator course and exams, I need to be as prepared as possible for it, so I am trying to increase the amount of time I spend reading up on the subjects or watching videos.

Last time I checked I have about 50GB of MCITP learning resources, so its just a case of working through them and trying to be prepared as possible for it. The result of this is that I have even less time to do things in Eve Online, Minecraft or various other games. :(

Picked up a Amazon Kindle too, as I have finally got fed up with reading content on my Nexus One for long periods of time as becomes uncomfortable, even for someone like me who has no problems looking at computer screens all day. As I travel from time to time, it should be most useful then.

When I am back in May I intend to work on Volition Cult Academy videos again and upload a video of the pretty much finished Gallente Nyx model I built in Minecraft. For now, back to my studying.