As I am working towards MCITP:EA I decided to install Server 2008 on it and see what it can do. Thought I would share the results and process.

The netbook is not upgraded so only has a 1.6Ghz Atom Processor and 1GB Memory. Unfortunately it also only has a 32bit processor, so I won’t be able to try with Server 2008 R2 as that only comes in x64 editions.

Step 1: Download Server 2008 from Microsoft. That link took a while to find as Server 2008 R2 seems to appear first for most searches. Once you find the download page on, you can download trials to test things or such from there website which is handy when learning Microsoft certifications. :)

Step 2: Take the data on ISO and throw it onto a Bootable USB Drive. Easiest way to do this is using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download. Could use various deployment methods though.

Step 3: Install Windows Server 2008 from USB and choose Server Core! However once installed, I could not do networking command line things as none of the networking hardware had drivers…

Step 3 (Attempt 2): Install Windows Server 2008 from USB and don’t choose Server Core! Everything worked and the netbook had no issues running the operating system from a requirements perspective. It was actually pretty quick. Kind of surprised, it seemed more responsive than Windows XP.

Step 4: Install Drivers. This time, I could get to device manager and confirm loads of drivers were missing. After much searching I managed to find drivers for most things.

First installed “Asus ACPI Driver” which removed a few not working items from device manager. This allows you to enable wireless, bluetooth and camera in the tray area. Camera drivers then install automatically, but not tested it.

Then I installed some Intel graphics drivers called “winvista_1583” which after a reboot allowed the netbook to run in native 1024×600 rather than 800×600 and removed the graphics card error from device manager.

Then installed some atheros ethernet drivers called “AR81…” and moved onto wireless drivers. I installed the Wireless LAN Service Feature via Server Manager and tried the Wireless Drivers called “IS_AP…” from Ralink which worked after a reboot.

As for what I intend to use the server for… Not sure yet. I might try to install WordPress on it and call it WIMP… Its like the term LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) but stands for Windows, Internet Information Services, MySQL and PHP. Not sure if the term WIMP is used much? If not, maybe it will catch on? :p

Will worry about it when I am back from Delhi as I should really be packing now.