So far, I have settled in, gotten to know fellow students also staying in this apartment as well as some of the staff and taken a little walk round and figure out what Delhi is like.

First up… Delhi contrasts everywhere in buildings, landscapes and people. Its neat but even with the chaos of the traffic, everything seems more relaxed. When we checked the local shops, it was all very slow paced.

Its near impossible to keep clean when your out and about, there is a fair amount of dust or muck about, so I have accepted my shoes won’t stay shiny and my trousers won’t stay spotless. Its like Lower Bristol Road in the summer! Plus a bird pooed on me when I was on the balcony…

The student apartment is not amazing, but decent enough. Its good by Delhi standards. Its actually growing on me as its quirky and the people here are great. Its quite cool and has a nice dining area, living room and balcony to chat on.

There are two other students staying in this apparent with me, both of which are doing Microsoft courses, so had plenty of advise and tips on what I should be doing as well as links and software that would help me so that’s cool.

They also talked about “Holy” (spelling?) which I had missed recently where they were on the balcony or streets having a massive paint fight. The photos were interesting to say the least and the story of people throwing paint bombs from balcony to balcony is great. There are still traces of paint around. lol.

The two other students have been doing courses before me and won’t finish until after I am done, one of them has done this a few times too so I think being able to stay with other students who know the area and the training company while studying is invaluable.

Internet is awful though, very slow… The pictures below where you can see wiring explain why.

EDIT: Actually, I can’t upload photo’s from this connection as the upload times out. Will edit post when I find a work around.