Just finished the first two days of  the boot camp and have completed going over course book 6292A, Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client as well as started work on 6421A, Configuring and Troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure.

As I have completed the one course for Windows 7, I just need to do some study in the evenings and book a time to do the exam and that one should be job done.

I am more nervous about crossing the road in Delhi to get to the exam building than actually taking the exam though. I will try and record a video or take a photo sometime of the road once I have learned how to cross it.

The resources I am using are actually really good though. The lab has three computers, each on par with my home gaming machine so they are easily capable of running various virtual machines for training, plus too effective air conditioning that is too cold! (Might buy a jumper here?), stacks of water, the great instructor, and they even take orders and send people out to get food for lunch.

I don’t think Subway do Meatball Sub’s here though, so there is no Meatball Tuesday for me until I am back in UK.

The official Microsoft course books are actually really good too. They come with a disc that contains all the virtual computer images you need to run to practice various things. Only issue is by the end of the course, I am going to have 10 or so large text books to take home. May have to get them shipped back separately.

Finally, before I have dinner I should mention that the food I am eating is actually better than what I eat at home. We have this guy in our apartment that does the cooking and he is actually really good.

Internet is still slow though. :(