Not made a full post for a while as things have really ramped up in terms of the speed at which subjects are covered so I have been having to spend most of my time studying.

So far, I have passed two exams, which means I am a Microsoft Certified Professional now, with access to the website.

Both the exams give me Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist awards for the subjects too, so when I have time I will have to generate a badge for this site, download the certificates and create a online business card from the mcp site.

Going to sleep at midnight and waking at 5am is starting to take its toll though. I knew the Fast Track for MCITP: Enterprise Administrator would be  tough, but not this tough. Its also surprising how little I knew about computers before I started the course.

When I am back in the UK, I am probably going to rebuild the entire IT infrastructure again for work as I am no longer happy with the work I have done.

As for experiencing Delhi or India… I have not really had time which is perhaps a shame, but for me… Completing this course is more important than finding time to see some old crappy temple I can see on Google easily enough.

I have crossed a few roads in Delhi and survived though. I have also seen a cow in the middle of a road, just walking around? At first I was surprised, but then I was hungry and realised I miss beef. Schwartz Burger should open a store in Delhi and sell there beef  burgers here, its a market niche.

When I am in the apartment studying or at the training centre in one of the labs, I often forget I am in Delhi though. Its a little surreal, but its only when I think about it or step outside that I remember where I am.

Anyway, back to my books… I still have three exams left and they are the hardest ones.