Yesterday I was driven by one of the hotel people to and from the Albion offices which are not too bad all things considered. As you would expect, the driver had a hat and uniform too.

Managed to meet everyone at Albion and proceed on messing up names or forgetting who is who. I was introduced to around 30 people, so just lost track completely. Mistakes so far…

  • Having met Malavika in the UK, I completely forgot and asked who she was again.
  • I think… I called Alka by Sangeeta or vise versa? Still not sure actually.
  • I presumed Alka was Preeti… Or maybe Sangeeta? Have I met Sangeeta yet though?
  • I am completely unable to pronounce Saytabir… But I fixed a bug with the database he uses, so maybe that makes up for the fact I can’t say his name.

I expect there are more mistakes, but I won’t know for sure. After day one in the office I returned to the hotel and waited for Nitin to arrive.

Nitin arrived looking smart… Smarter than myself anyway, and I actually tried to make an effort to look decent. Well, I tucked in my shirt.

We went to a North Indian restaurant… I think? Might have been a South Indian restaurant. But there was bread and cheese in sauce which sounds rubbish when I explain it but its actually done in a nice way. It was as apposed to rice and sauce which is more common in  North or South Indian restaurants though.

We then drove around Delhi and saw some sights… There was a place don’t remember the name of that begins with K or C and had lots of large buildings. Delhi’s equivalent to Canary wharf kind of thing.

Eventually we arrived at India Gate, which as we parked up at 22:00 had its lights turned off so as we approached to take a photo, it went dark so the photo’s I have are iffy as a result. Apparently the British built it though and it contains the names of every soldier that died during the second world war on its walls.

Can’t upload the photo’s today as I forgot my USB cable for the phone.

Finally, I have been told I need to see the Taj Mahal before I leave, but its closed Friday so not sure when I will fit that in as its a four hour drive from Delhi. I am here on my own so don’t really feel like travelling that far solo. I am also pretty exhausted in general at this point… Not had a day off since I arrived.