Loads has been happening over the past few weeks that has kept me pretty busy and its only when some recruitment agency contacted me after looking at my Curriculum Vitae on my website that I realised I should probably post a new update as well as actually update my curriculum vitae sometime as my entire site is a little out of date.

In my defence, since getting back from Delhi I have not really had time to stop and relax though as I was back in the office during the day and catching up with gaming and friends in the evenings.

Since getting back I have completed Portal 2 on single player and co-op, got up to speed with the various things happening in Eve Online and Volition Cult, created a few new things in Minecraft and gotten distracted by Terraria for a few days as well as catching up with all the various television episodes I used to follow.

Reinstalled Windows 7 on my home machine but this time went for Ultimate edition as since learning about it, I can finally make use of all the advanced features. Interestingly, learning about Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 has given me a new respect for Microsoft.

They may not be perfect, but when it comes to operating systems they do know there stuff, and that stuff makes my job a whole lot easier.

Finally, I got this week off work so I can relax a little bit as well as get a few things done like update this site and figure out something to do on Friday as its my 27th Birthday… Hmm…