Over the past few weeks I have slowly been getting back into video editing as I just reinstalled Adobe Premier on to my computer and cleared the hard drive to make room for more source video files. Below are details of a couple of videos posted on YouTube.

Timelapse of Bath

Most people who have visited me, know I have a decent view from my living room. Having seen a few city time lapse videos on the Internet, I decided I wanted to have a go. Although as I can’t afford proper equipment I rigged my mobile phone to a washing powder box and balanced it in the window frame.

Not enough happens in the video unfortunately and the clouds start to clear towards the end, but I am not sure where else I can go to try and get more interesting time lapses.

Volition Cult Minecraft Server Tour

Over the past few months, we have been running a Minecraft server for players from Eve Online to join and create things in between the PvP Ops and such. Below is taken by using FRAPS and flying around the various creations.

Happy with how this video turned out in the end as I was not sure it would work well when I was recording it. Music works well with it though.

Feedback for both videos has been pretty good too.