Last weekend I traveled to Liverpool to meet a load of people from Volition Cult

[.VC.] corporation in Eve Online for one of our fairly regular meetup events. Usual stuff happened, but it was very well planned and we got to do loads of socialising as well as having time to see some sites in Liverpool.

One of the cool things was that I had registered with Google+ and installed the app on my phone which has a feature called Instant Upload. When I got hope, all the photos I had taken were already backed up on my Google Account ready to be shared.

Click here for photos from Liverpool Meetup

This years meetup went well though and we had people flying over from various places in the world for the weekend which is always great. Can’t wait for the next meetup though, hopefully we can do one in Belgium again? *hint hint*

Those who wonder what Google+ is… Its like Facebook, but better. I will probably stop using my Facebook account soon as the crap interface and navigation annoys me.