This is the story of how I nearly got a outpost in Eve Online named after me and nearly acquired my own Nyx Supercarrier only to have both things cancelled due to a player called Zagdul.

During June we left Mostly Harmless as Volition Cult was fed up of the poor leadership and lack of understand for the members on the front line. Sitting in a POS for hours waiting for nothing to happen for whatever reason is not fun and as our members play the game to have fun, an alliance can’t ask us to keep doing something not fun without allowing us to have fun from time to time to make the whole thing worth while.

The issue was that Leadership only saw things from the top, failing to appreciate why there own members play the game or realising there goal is not to farm technetium moons but to ensure there members have fun. So we moved to Fatal Ascension.

Towards the start of July 2011, Fatal Ascension was asked to assist Goonswarm defend VFK-IV so Volition Cult as members of Fatal Ascension having recently moved south now had to move back north to assist.

As the alliance did not run any convoys our own fleet commanders started running convoys regularly to get us into the system. During the large invasion attempt by the enemy, when numbers mattered most, Volition Cult accounted for a huge chunk of Fatal Ascension’s and over all everything was great so having done the boring bit, we were all set to get back south and have some well deserved fun again.

Avathar Dagor of Clan Shadow Wolf was even kind enough to say “My other concern is for -VC-.. without these guys the Deklein deployment would have been nowhere near as successful.. they ran trains from fountain to VFK constantly.. their FC’s are hands down some of the best we have and the best I have ever flown with.” which was nice.

Stone's Wishing Well that wasn't

Zagdul who leads Fatal Ascension negotiated for us to take Fade. Unfortunately putting the needs of an alliance over the needs of players as Fade was good income at an alliance level, but required lots of boring stuff from players. As a reward for helping defend VFK-IV and incentive he agreed on the 20th July that Volition Cult could manage the FIO1-8 outpost when we captured it.

Now PBA lunax who is the CEO of Volition Cult made a promise in 2007 that if Volition Cult ever had a station it would be named after me. From memory this was because around 2007 roughly I was doing loads of work for Volition Cult so he made this promise jokingly.

Back in 2011, with so much having happened, even with me having left and then returned and now being a little inactive PBA lunax still remembered his passing comment in 2007 and asked me what I wanted it to be called.

We agreed it would have been called Stone’s Wishing Well as a shout out to our heritage in 2006. Wishing Well is the name of a pub in Longwell Green where directors from ASSTI and BHTM met and agreed to go it alone, later getting PBA in too which led to the formation of The Volition Cult alliance by the three corporations.

Gallente NyxFurthermore, Reavos Vishad and a few other Industry people had been working hard on constructing a Nyx Supercarrier for me. Something that I have personally been working towards for many years to the point that its almost becoming a running joke within the community that I will always be saving for a Nyx.

This is a ridiculous amount of work on the industry peoples part, but they continued on as unsung heroes behind the scenes. Unfortunately as we may be moving soon, we don’t have the time to risk building the Nyx in a unstable environment so it was cancelled for a second time.

To add insult to injury, Zagdul had planned to reverse his decision about the station. Not directly either, instead he was contacting random members in the south and complaining that they should be in the north and telling those players that we would not be managing FIO1-8 outpost which caused quite a stir in our corp.

Seeing only numbers, his reasoning was that we were not doing enough. He failed to appreciate the human side and that our moving south (to join FA), then north (to defend VFK), then south (because VFK was safe), then north (to take Fade) made people pretty phased and want a break.

As we are not getting anything out of Fade and corp morale is now an issue because the alliance keeps asking too much without allowing us to have fun, you have to wonder why we bother. Although I appreciate that while I may now have personal reservations about Zagdul, the rest of the corporation may not and we are still members of Fatal Ascension so I can’t be too damning.

All things considered, PBA lunax has come off well from this, as he is willing to keep an almost forgotten promise from a very long time ago. Good to know our CEO is a man of his word.