Straight to the main point… The Volition Cult

[VOLT] alliance is being reformed. With the Volition Cult corporation returning to our roots, with some old friends and corporations that also want to return to the style of game play we enjoy most.

This is one of the reasons I have been busy, although I am not going to take any credit as there are many many many other people in The Volition Cult who are doing far more to make sure everything is sorted.

I was a little nervous about this though, not because I don’t think VOLT will do well, as I know we will do well as we have always done well for ourselves. More because of two reasons…

Cloak and Dagger

First because our corporate command had to decide this course of action from player feedback without giving too much away. One of the awkward things is due to the nature of Eve, we have to be a little cloak and dagger about what we are doing to avoid leaks and try to establish what people want without asking them directly. I am certain that 99% of our members will be pleased with this news, but I always worry if they understand or get annoyed with us sometimes when we have to hold things back to avoid leaks.

The reason was because while we are leaving Fatal Ascension, we can not be 100% certain that there leadership will be decent and allow us enough time to extract member assets from the area safely.

This results in this terrible period of time where we know we are doing something, but we can’t inform our members fully because it might jeopardise there assets. Corporate command even considered to wait longer, until we finished a Nyx that was being built for me before we inform members and make the move…

Reavos Vishad > maybe, waiting for stone’s response to my mail before i build anything more :P
PBA lunax > yr call stone
PBA lunax > i would say pull it out
Agent Stone > I know it costs more, but I am not gonna risk 10Bil + Membership Morale as we have to have everyone wait for me. Its no brainer although hard to admit it.

That was a painful decision by the way. :(

Act of Spite

During the late evening of 14th August 2011, our CEO posted a message to Fatal Ascension about our intentions to leave once our logistics were complete. It ended with…

I want to thank you to letting us be part of Fatal Ascension Alliance and wish you the best of luck.

Nice enough, but it seems it was the right call for us to be cloak and dagger as twelve hours after we informed Fatal Ascension of our intentions to leave, we were removed from the alliance. It seems Zagdul (Leader of Fatal Ascension) was not trustworthy and decided to try and trap our member assets in spite?

I don’t think other leadership in Fatal Ascension felt the same way as we got on well with some of them but in any case… Phew. Lucky we got everyone’s assets out in advance, but its a shame our fears were valid.

Meeting Expectations

Second reason I am nervous though was because we have these corporations joining us that will no doubt have expectations and I can’t help but worry if we will meet all of those expectations. Again I am confident we most certainly will, but I guess its human nature to wonder what if.

TRGSS, MAX H and GV have some very good players, so as VC we want to impress them, but you never fully know what there experiences are or if we can do enough to make them proud to fly with us like we will hopefully be proud to fly with them.

Thankfully we have some good fleet commanders, as do the other corporations. As we are all on the same page in terms of objectives it should be great. We learned a long time ago that our fleet commanders are very important assets as they are on the ground running fun things for everyone and often know how members feel, so as long as we have a good fleet command team we can’t really go wrong.

Its exciting though, as its quite rare to see so many people from different backgrounds work so well together behind the scenes. Expanding the community is always good and not having to stress about the game as much because we are not focusing on sovereignty will be a nice change as null sec politics tends to be rather back stabby when it involves sovereignty or moons under current game mechanics.

In any case, I have now committed to releasing a quarterly newsletter with the above poster, so I have some editorial work to do and that will be my small contribution for the alliance.